Classic pizza Fillings Price Family format
Americana- pizza strips, pineapple, blue cheese12.7€23.5€
Quattro Stagioni- pizza strips, mushrooms, shrimps, tunafish13.7€25.5€
Capriciosa- pizza strips, mushrooms, salami12.7€23.5€
Frutti Di Mare- tunafish, mussels, shrimps12.7€23.5€
Opera- pizza strips, tunafish11.7€21.5€
Opera Special- pizza strips, tunafish, salami12.7€23.5€
Marghareta- fetacheese, double cheese, blue cheese12.7€23.5€
Vegetariana- sweet peppers, olives, onions12.7€23.5€
Tropicana- pizza strips, pineapple11.7€21.5€
Special Pizza Fillings Price Family format
Nordic Gourmet- smoked salmon, shrimps, red onions, fresh dill, bearnaise sauce15.7€29.5€
Spicy Way- minced beef meat, pepperoni-sausage, jalapeños, sweet chili sauce13.7€25.5€
Kings Pizza- pizza strips, onions, minced beef meat, double cheese, salami14.7€27.5€
NYC Pizza- pepperoni-sausage, double cheese, olives, fresh basil, bacon14.7€27.5€
Talon Pizza- prochutto, olives, mushrooms, feta cheese13.7€25.5€
Tokyo Pizza- chicken, shrimps, blue cheese, teriyaki-sauce13.7€25.5€
Italian's Favorite- fresh tomatoes, fresh basil, mozzarella cheese12.7€23.5€
Español- ox beef strips, tomatoes, jalapeños, barbeque-sauce14.7€25.5€
Finlandia- smoked & minced reindeers meat, egg, salami, bacon14.7€27.5€
Turkish Pizza- kebab, tomatoes, onions, jalapeños, créme fraíche14.7€27.5€
Mediterranean- chorizo-sausage, goat cheese, fresh aragula, cherry tomatoes14.7€27.5€
Artun Suosikki- minced beef meat, pineapple, chicken, barbeque sauce, blue cheese14.7€27.5€
Dutch Cuisine- smoked & minced reindeer meat, onions, bearnaise sauce, salami14.7€27.5€
Nathalie's Choice- ox beef strips, pineapple, bluecheese, fresh aragula, bearnaise sauce15.7€29.5€
SteakHouse Pizza- ox beef strips, chicken, red onions, mushrooms, steak sauce15.7€29.5€
Poulet de France- chicken, red onions, sun dried tomatoes, créme fraíche, parsley14.7€27.5€
Sweet Devil-chicken, red onions, jalapeños, blue cheese, devil’s sauce14.7€27.5€
Kebab pizza Fillings Price Family format
Pizza 1- kebab, pizza strips, bacon12.7€23.5€
Pizza 2- kebab, onions, salami12.7€23.5€
Pizza 3- kebab, pineapple, blue cheese12.7€23.5€
Pizza 4- kebab, sweet peppers, mushrooms12.7€23.5€
Pizza 5- kebab, mushrooms, feta cheese12.7€23.5€
Pizza 6- kebab, shrimps, blue cheese12.7€23.5€
Pic 1 Pic 1 Pic 1 Pic 1 Pic 1

Extra toppings

Meat (+1€) kebab, pizza strips, prochutto, chorizo, chicken, bacon, salami, pepperoni, shrimps, tunafish, mussels, minced beef meat
Vegetables (+1€) sweet peppers, olives, pineapple, beans, onion, jalapeño, cherry tomato, tomato, sun dried tomato, mushrooms, red onion
Cheese (+1€)blue cheese, feta cheese, mozzarella cheese, grated cheese
Sauce (+1€)devils sauce, teriyaki sauce, barbeque sauce, garlic mayonnaise, mayonnaise, chili mayonnaise, chili sauce, steak sauce, american sauce, bernaise
Herb (+1€) fresh arugula (rucola), fresh dill, fresh basil, spring onion
Other (+2€)Smoked salmon, ox beef strips, goat cheese, smoked & minced reindeer meat, egg (+1,00€)

Own Pizza

1 topping11.7€
2 toppings12.7€
3 toppings13.7€
4 toppings14.7€


KebabSalad, tomato, cucumber, salad dressing, kebab, kebab sauce10.5€


On the sideFrench fries (+2€)
Cream potatoes (+2€)
Creamy garlic potatoes (+2€)
Sweet potato fries (+2.5€)
Roasted potatoes (+2.5€)
Potato wedges (+2€)
Pita bread (+1€)


On the topblue cheese (+1,00€)
grated cheese (+1,00€)
feta cheese (+1,00€)
yoghurt (+1,00€)
bacon (+1,00€)
jalopeno (+1,00€)
roasted onion (1,00€)
extra meat (+3,50€) (1€)


Finish up with (free)crushed garlic
cayenne pepper
NOTICE! We don’t halve kebab portions, except the roll portions. Halving the portion: 1€
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Kebab Rolls

Kebab Fillings Price
Kebab Roll- kebab meat, salad, kebab sauce, cheese, salad sauce rolled in pita bread13.5€
Chicken Roll- chicken breast fillets, salad, kebab sauce, cheese, salad sauce rolled in pita bread13.5€
Vege Roll- cheese, feta cheese, olives, salad, tomatoes, cucumber, red onions, kebab sauce and salad sauce rolled in pita bread12€


Specialities Fillings Price
Chicken Wings & Chips (GL) (L)-chicken wings (with or without sauce), french fries, garlic mayonnaise12€
Kosovo Chicken (GL, L)Chicken, fetacheese, honey, ajvar-sauce, spring onion and potatoes of your choice16€
Bearnaise Chicken (GL, L)Chicken, peach, bearnaise-sauce, rucola and potatoes of your choice15€
Chicken in Japan (GL, L)Chicken, spring onion, teriyaki-sauce, sesame seeds and potatoes of your choice14€
Sweet & Sour Chicken (GL, L)Chicken, bluecheese, sweet&sour-sauce, fresh basil and potatoes of your choice14€
Turkish Chicken (GL, L)Chicken, tomatosauce, jalopeño, garlic, fresh parsley and potatoes of your choice14€
Preparation for specialities delay: 20-25 minutes
Pic 1


Salads Fillings Price
Chicken Salad- Chicken, iceberg salad, tomatoes, cucumber, peach and sweet pepper & curry sauce11.7€
Shrimp Salad- Shrimps, , iceberg salad, tomatoes, cucumber, peach, garlic mayonnaise and lemon slice12.7€
Tunafish Salad-Tunafish, , iceberg salad, tomatoes, cucumber, pineapple, american-sauce11.7€
Smoked Salmon Salad- smoked salmon, , iceberg salad, tomatoes, cucumber, lime crème fraíche, fresh dill13.7€
Chicken Fillet Salad-Chicken breast fillets (5 pieces), ice salad, tomatoes, cucumber, feta cheese, fresh aragula, spiced with salt and olive oil14.7€
Pic 1

Desserts & Drinks

Cold drinks Price
Coca-Cola (0,25l)2.5€
Coca-Cola Zero (0,25l)2.5€
Fanta (0,25l)2.5€
Sparkling Water2.5€
Milk (0,5l)2.5€
Orange Juice (0,25l)2.5€
Apple Juice (0,25l)2.5€
Karhu III (0,33l)6€
Carlsberg (0,33l)6€
Corona Extra (0,33l)6.5€
Staropramen Dark (0,33l)7€
Sommersby Apple (0,33l)6€
Sommersby Pear (0,33l)6€
Red Wine (18.75CL)7€
White Wine (18.75CL)7€
Desserts Price
House Ice Cream5€
Pic 1 Pic 1 Pic 1 Pic 1
Hot Drinks Price
Cafe Latte4€

Extras ...and more

Extras ...and more Price
Chicken breast fillèts2.5€
Salad from salad buffee (1pcc)5€
Garlic cup1€
French fries3.5€ / 4.5€
Sweet potatoes4€ / 5€
Halving the pizza (or cutting in pieces)2€